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Our company had been established in the year of 2005 as partnership Firm in the name of A-CARE Housekeeping and incorporated in the year of 2005 as A-CARE in Chennai. We Started with all type of House Keeping services/Facility management in Chennai, and Now Spread our presence across south India.

A-CARE has been structured with the experienced Engineers and well-trained Technical and Non Technical Team in the field of Housekeeping services, Horticulture, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical with latest techniques and utilizing  of machinery all team up to form an excellent work force with well communication network.


Our Security guards serve as an effective deterrent against potential criminals and can react swiftly and appropriately in times of security threats or emergencies.

Customer service

Our Well-trained security guards will serve as customer service representatives by offering directions, answering inquiries and making visitors feel secure and welcome.

Risk assessment

Our Security guards can conduct risk analyses and implement protective measures to mitigate potential security breaches.

Why to choose Acare security services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai?

As we had told already Acare has been stretched our service throughout the city and we are having good reputation among our clients for our Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai.

Acare Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai is a security man power company in Ekkaduthangal Chennai. We provide security personnel and services to all industries, including educational institutes, manufacturing, service, residential apartments, individual villas, and residential apartment complexes. Ekkaduthangal has a reputation for being a place where electronics gadgets are sold. Other types of cheap materials are available for shopping. It is a connecting area located in the middle of Chennai that can be able to collect all parts of Chennai, from Guindy and Velachery to other major areas in Chennai. There are. The construction of residential apartments and villas is a major activity. Major builders. We can see. Ekkaduthangal has become a popular destination for families, and it is a great place to live with its vibrant location and lifestyle.

Our Speciality

As we had told already Acare has been stretched our service throughout the city and we are having good reputation among our clients. And we will give best Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai

residential apartments, organizations and businesses in Ekkaduthangal . Our customers are satisfied with our services because we have security personnel who are highly skilled in the skills required for security guarding. They can communicate in any language so that they are able communicate with people from other parts of India. We provide best skills training to our security personnel so that they are able handle any situation within their organization environment. If you want to start a company or a residential villa apartment, Acare Security Services is the best option for you. We offer different estimations according to your budget, so you can choose security services that are worth the money. Contact us now for the best security services and estimation for your organization. We can create a good relationship and create a peaceful working environment for those who work and live around you. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai 

Why an organization Choose Acare Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai?

Ekkaduthangal , a rich area of Chennai, is home to many amenities, including job opportunities, educational institutes like SRM, hospitals, service sectors, malls and major restaurants. Ekkaduthangal will have many people for various purposes. As we are able to see a large number of people, we don’t know if they have the right intentions. We should try to understand the situation, and then have our security team take care of the situation. They will create a peaceful environment for the people living and working at your apartment and organization.They can speak multiple languages. You can break down the language barrier by using this.

What services are available Acare Security Services Ekkaduthangal ?

Securities for Service Sector Industries:

Many white-collar positions will be available in the service sector, such as Call Centers or software companies. Our security will be groomed according to their separate organization rules and regulations. Then you will need to know how to behave with employees and be obedient towards the hello powders. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

Securities for Manufacturing Sector Industries:

In Chennai, there are many industries. These include automotive, mechanical, chemical, and home appliance industries. There will be a lot of machinery in this type of sector and many people working together under one roof. This can lead to dangerous situations such as fires, machinery accidents and accidents caused by negligence. This type of continuous activity will waste a lot of money on renovation. You must hire the best security team to ensure that there are no accidents and that the working environment is peaceful.

Educational Institutions Securities:

There are many more colleges and universities. Many students will study Indian under one roof in this type of institute. You will see different types of students, with different characteristics and age groups when you go from school to the college. You must have the best and highest security to handle and take care of this type of person.

There will also be some threatening actions for girls to do this type of thing. You need to have the best team of security who can take care of them and create an environment that is conducive to their higher education. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

Hospital Securities:

We can expect to see a variety of scenes in the hospital, from morning until night, including more accident victims, sick people, and people who are wanted. There will be a heated situation that we hold throughout the day. We need the best security to handle people of all types and guide them according to their requirements.

Sometimes, if the hospital is not properly staffed and maintained, some strange activities such as kidnappings can occur. We must monitor the hospital’s movement with a CCTV camera to ensure active security. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

Security for Events:

You will have different types of events such as concerts, food festivals and music festivals. These events will require a large security team. In this situation, there is a possibility of terrorism, so it’s important to have a security team that can handle crowded areas. Some small children may get lost within their parents’ security. You must find them and return them to their parents.

This kind of event attracts a variety of people. Sometimes, careers are formed between individuals. There is also this: security should be able to play a crucial role in managing the situation and taking it under control without causing harm to anyone.

Securities for Banks:

It is possible to see that a lot of people are putting money in a bag every day for their own use. You must have a high level of security in this type of location, and be able check that everyone is not committing any threats. If you hire a security team to take care of the situation, then you will be able to do everything with one hand. They will have high-tech equipment and guns that will protect your bank from thieves or any other type of problematic people. Having security around your banking will create a peaceful environment for people entering the bank. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

These are the following Security Services are given by Acare Security Services in Chennai.

Will Ekkaduthangal benefit from hiring security ?

Our security guards provide the best protection in Ekkaduthangal . You can hire security guards to protect an educational institution, organization, Residential Area. You can get the best protection for your business so you can come out of any problem situation. You are a manufacturing company and you employ many North Indian Workers. There will be a communication gap if you hire workers in another part of India. They can guide and communicate these people. So, Choose Acare Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai

Sercurity Gaurd Services in Ekkaduthangal

What kind of threatening activities are there in Ekkaduthangal :

There are many kind of threatening activities are there around Ekkaduthangal , like theft activities and unsafety activities power women from opposite gender which are held occasionally, So having a security around your organization or educational institute will be helpful to come out of these kind of threatening activities. Moreover sometimes there will be an flood in rainy days from November to December, in those kind of situations securities will be helpful to move all the people do you safer side without any traits for threats for them. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

In case if you need  Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai and you are starting a mid scale industries and you need an heavy security for your industry environment. Acare securities will be the best choice for you, as we are giving training for all the situation from basic level and our securities are well trained with multiple languages. So they can able to have any kind of people from different part of India who are working in your industry. All the training methods are done by retired army people so there will be very disciplined and obedient for their work and heads. So choose best Security Services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai for create peaceful environment. Contact Security services in Ekkaduthangal chennai.

Why to choose Acare security services in Ekkaduthangal Chennai?

We have more than 15 years experience in the security industry and are known as a market leader. We will upskill our security according to our clients' needs and requirements. As they speak multiple languages, you can deal with any situation or people from all over India. Contact us today at +91 98408 49948 to receive different discounts and offers. Visit our website to learn more about our facilities management services and our company. You can also get a better idea of our organization by visiting our site. Our Google review is also available on the website so you can see what clients think about us and how we measure up. Please click the link below to immediately miss our website.
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